Financial Reporting


Discount Investment Corporation Ltd. (part of the IDB Group), directly and indirectly- 41.77% * 

The IDB Group is Israel’s prominent business group with total assets of over US$ 35 billion. Holding leading corporations in key business sectors alongside an ever-growing, global presence through diverse portfolio companies and joint ventures, IDB strives and acts for: improved performance of its portfolio companies; global growth; and an avid commitment to the community. IDB was ranked by leading international institutions as a leading diversified group in Israel. Building on its strong managerial approach, sound strategy and professional execution, IDB has developed an extensive footprint in the Israeli economy and evolved into a global powerhouse. 

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* DIC Holds additional approx. 3.39% voting rights. Does not include additional holdings by indirect subsidiaries of IDB in a non material amount. 

Public – rest